As a behavioral scientist and pragmatist, my work using virtual reality in mental health and addiction has spanned more than 20 years of evidence based research. Looking towards the future of VR in behavioral health, I began a quest to bring forth a significant disruption to current approaches to assessment and treatment and make way for the simple, cost effective, and scalable solutions using smartphone –based VR. 


Building upon this work, I have begin the creation of two novel solutions one for substance abuse (VR-PROJECT Δ) and one for autism (VR-qualis est vita).


Substance abuse:  "VR-PROJECT Δ" is named after the Greek symbol Δ, which means change. Change is the essential element needed to promote long-term substance abuse recovery.


Autism:   "VR-qualis est vita" is translated as VR-quality of life which is what I want to give my 11-year-old daughter Fang Hua, who has severe ADHD, autism, and dyslexia as well as other kids and adults with autism.

The concept behind my work in VR is simple and will have significant impacts on the lives of millions of kids and adults worldwide. 


Looking forward to making a difference!

Patrick S. Bordnick

Behavioral Scientist & Practical Dreamer




VR Project Δ
VR Project Δ (Delta) is based on over 23 years of clinical & behavioral research on relapse in addiction.  Project delta offers a disruptive technology teaching coping skills to promote long-term recovery.
VR-qualis est vita
VR-qualis est vita is translated as VR-quality of life. This project is personal to me.  VR-qualis est vita will offer a novel method to teach social skills and interactions to my 11-year-old daughter Fang Hua and  other kids and adults with autism.

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